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20 Years of Kanzeramt Music - K-Themes

Monday 2013, December 09th

For when the days get shorter we provide some of the tunes which were written on Kanzleramt in the last 2 decades. Originally most of them were pushed in a club-frame with 4x4 kicks and loops, which has disguised some of the beautiful themes. Here we simply leave that out and present some song-ideas in their purity. This release contains selected broken- beat tunes of our catalogue and some exclusive and freshly made songs and versions.

The 2st of 3 Anniversary Compilations: "K-Themes" is now available as CD and MP3 Album Bundle at www.kanzleramt.com

have a listen right here>>

KA releases

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Tuesday 2013, November 26th

Something Special by Kane Roth has arrived the stores! "Listen to the whisper" EP, released on Waveform Recordings, is available as digital-release, including a massive remix by Ray Kajioka, supported by Laurent Garnier, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joel Mull, Adam Beyer, Dustin Zahn, Stephan Bodzin, just to name a few.

DJ FEEDBACK: Laurent Garnier Rays remix is brilliant Im loving this one!! Support from me. Alan Fitzpatrick Thats a massive remix from Ray!! LOVE IT!! Playing! Karotte Something Special original and the remix from Ray are great! Reset Robots mix is good tooand well, Random Light also. Great release. Christian Smith This is a strong package from Waveform!! full review: link>>

have a listen right here>>

KA releases

available at www.beatport.com

more infos: www.waveform-recordings.com


Tuesday 2013, November 12th

"Out Of My Comfortzone is a part of Estroe's forthcoming release called "Comfort & Closure" and will be released on EevoNext Recordings. The release comes with a remix by Ray, beside a goodie by Aril Brikha.

have a listen right here>>

KA releases

available as 12 inch vinyl release via www.decks.de

and digital: www.beatport.com

or check you local record dealer!

more infos: www.eevonext.com

20 Years of Kanzeramt Music - K-Dubs

Monday 2013, November 11th

The 1st of 3 Anniversary Compilations "K-Dubs" is a bundle of selected kanzleramt back-catalogue gems. Still fresh as on the first day. Tracks by Johannes Heil, Diego & Vocoderman, Ray Kajioka, Richard Bartz, Zander VT, Peter Horrevorts, Christian Morgenstern, Alexander Kowalski and the head Heiko Laux himself.

have a listen right here>>

KA releases

now available as CD and MP3 Album Bundle at www.kanzleramt.com

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Wednesday 2013, October 2nd

After a summerbreak Ray returns with a new single, this time on the Amsterdam based label Intacto Records. Shaking Trees is a warm, deep and delicious EP that is another notch on Rays techno glory belt.

have a listen right here:

a__Shaking Trees >> listen
b1. Tribe >> listen
b2. Pots and Pans >> listen

KA releases

available as 12 inch vinyl release via www.decks.de

and digital: www.beatport.com

or check you local record dealer!

more infos: www.intactorecords.com

20 Years of Kanzeramt Music

Friday 2013, August 23th

What to say? 20 years are 20 years!

The years are flying by, the love for music is untouched. Kanzleramt is turning 20 years old in January 2014 and we are celebrating the occasion with Three Compilation Releases and an Anniversary Tour starting at ADE in October 2013 flying onto the birthday and beyond. The actual birthday will take place at Berghain, Berlin on the 25th of January 2014. The Tour will bring many of the key-artists on the road, as well as friends and recent remixers for the Kanzleramt Anniversary Releases such as Steve Rachmad, Joel Mull, Dustin Zahn, Jonas Kopp, Truncate and many more…

Here’s our anniversary video with some shots of our 20 year history. The guiding track “Twenty” by “4K” (Alexander Kowalski, Ray Kajioka, Diego Hostettler & Heiko Laux) is available for free download.

more infos at the anniversary website: www.kanzleramt.com/20

"M" like on a MISSION!

Wednesday 2013, May 29th

SOON ON COCOON:Ray Kajioka - Never Ending >> listen
Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation "M"

KA releases

a1 Makam - Samsara
b1 Inxec & Matt Tolfrey - Never In Doubt
c1 Alejandro Mosso - Grinding Love
d1 Douglas Greed - Dynamit (feat. Kuss)
e1 wAFF - BeatMakerZ
f1 Temma Teje - Nueva
g1 Kyle Geiger - The Comedown
h1 Gary Beck - Stranger
i1 Ray Kajioka - Never Ending
j1 Mind Against - Argo
k1 Tuff City Kids - Meshnerize
l1 Julien Bracht - Anthem Rhythm

presale: www.decks.de

Release-date: 2013, July 1st

more infos: www.cocoon.net


Friday 2013, May 9th

A new floor-killer is right on the way... Powerful, toolish, Detroit-rooted Techno cuts. "Rotatory" (KA158) is Ray's 8th 12 inch release on Kanzleramt and got already a great response by Laurent Garnier, Joris Voorn, Joel Mull, Truncate, DVS1, Dustin Zahn, Adam Beyer, Ben Klock and many more... see the quotes about "Rotatory" so far, here:

a__Gravity >> listen
b1. Rotatory >> listen
b2. Fly (vinyl exclusive) >> listen
dx. Rotatory (Dub Mix) >> listen

Release-date: 2013, April 15th

KA releases

NOW AVAILABLE AS 12-inch vinyl:

Decks Records >> www.decks.de
Deejay >> www.deejay.de
Juno Records >> www.juno.co.uk
Technique >> www.technique.co.jp

Digital Exlusive at Beatport >> www.beatport.com

all about the release, go and check the webpage of kanzleramt ...

Furthermore, another release is a collaboration of Ray Kajioka and the swiss DJ and producer Diego Hostettler (well-known for his great techno-productions on Kanzleramt, Damage, K20, U-Turn etc.). "Early Bird" (1532005) is a fresh and juicy package of two driving Techno tracks by Diego & Ray and two fantastic remixes by Joel Mull and Sterac alias Steve Rachmad.

a1 Early Bird >> listen
a2 Nightingale >> listen
b1 Early Bird (Joel Mull Remix) >> listen
b2 Early Bird (Sterac Remix) >> listen

Release-date: 2013, May 8th

KA releases

NOW AVAILABLE AS 12-inch vinyl:

Decks Records >> www.decks.de
Deejay >> www.deejay.de
Juno Records >> www.juno.co.uk
Technique >> www.technique.co.jp

all about this release you will find on www.1532.se or the official facebook page.


Monday 2013, Feb 4th

Check out the Ray's latest recorded DJ Set at Tresor Berlin...

KA releases

Ray Kajioka - DJ Set @ Tresor 2013-02-02 by Ray Kajioka on Mixcloud


Tuesday 2013,Jan 22nd

A short teaser of the upcoming release "Human Reaction EP" by Mattja Trani (Bologna, Italy) on Mutex Recordings. Supported by Ben Sims, John Selway, Steve Rachmad, Electric Indigo, Pig & Dan, Psycatron and many more... see the full list, here...

Mattia Trani "Vertical Function" (Ray Kajioka Remix)

all about the release, check www.mutexrecordings.com



Wednesday 2012, Dec 5th

...catches the worm!" that's what Ray Kajioka & Diego Hostettler might have thought while they were messing around with their machines along A night until the sunrise. Here is short teaser of what they got along a star-falling night...





Tuesday 2012, Oct 9th

Alrighty, there it is: Ray's killer-track Thrill > got one of Sven Väth's favourite tracks of this year and made it to the upcoming MIX Compilation "SVEN VÄTH IN THE MIX - THE SOUND OF THE 13TH SEASON" among other goodies on Cocoon Recordings. Out: 2012, Nov. 12th




Monday 2012, Sep 17th

This time Ray was out for blood! ;) His remix for Secluded's "Impression" (Enemy Records,
Minneapolis, US) got a great response already and is supported by artists like DVS1, Stev
Rachmad, Joel Mull, Alan Fitzpatrick, Heiko Laux, Bryan Zentz, Nihad Tule, Dustin Zahn,
Ben Klock, Nima Khak, Truncate, Lucy, to name few. "Blinded" is now available as 12" on decks records! www.decks.de



Monday 2012, Sep 3rd

Sven Väth (Cocoon) obviously is having fun playing "Thrill" around the globe! Here are some selected moments during this summer...

@ Time Warp, Italy 2012

@ THINK! Festival, Cospudener Lake, Leipzig - Germany - 2012, July 29th

@ Vola Open Air, Catania - Italy - 2012, Jun 23rd

@ Space ENTER, Ibiza - 2012, Aug 30th

@ Green & Blue 2012, Waldschwimmbad Obertshausen - Germany - 2012, Sep 2nd

BIG thanks to everyone who was filming it! THANK YOU!!!


Donnerstag 2012, Aug 23rd

Ray shows up straight with two remixes this time. The first mix is a nice refreshing tech housy tune, while the dub version is more deeper and trippy. Have a listen into the stuff right here..

. Suspiciune


Monday 2012, Feb 6th

Elbee Bad "In The Sky" (Original & Remixes is now available as mp3 package at the Kudos Online Record Shop, UK.

go here to get the package: www.kudosrecords.co.uk

Another remix on road...

Tuesday 2012, Jan 31st

After the big success of his remixes for David Durango & Sven Elmlund the labelboss Alexander Kowalski now returns with a own release on Damage Music Berlin.

„Crossing The Borderline“ is a track he is playing in his live-sets all over the globe for a while now. For the studio version of it he could use all that experience and make it a floor tested techno bomb. The heavy bassline and the pumping percussions give the track a strong drive that ends up in a break with sweet strings and flying hypnotic synth-sounds to find it´s release back in the bass again.

Ray's version of "Crossing The Borderline" is darker techno mix. He strips down the track to it´s essential parts. The super dry kickdrum and percussions in combination with the dark reverbs are creating Ray´s own world of techno.

have a listen here right now...


first feedbacks so far:
Frank Müller (Beroshima, Müller Records)
“super... original ist toll und remix auch...  spiele ich gerne.. greetz frank”

Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records, Minneapolis)
B1 “very nice! You are on fire!!” dz

Pawas (Night Drive, Ostwind, Köln)
Ray’s mix is my fave! super dubby dreamy yet powerful remix !!!

Elbee Bad (Bads Label, Voodoo Tracks)
" U killed IT!!  Oh my! AND I can play it all slow, it workz in many many wayz!  !"

Pagalve (Shaded Music, Lithuania)
“b1 pretty dark. i like it”

Steven Engelmann (FlashandLove Berlin)
B1  der rmx ist ne bombe!!!!!! wahnsinn !!!! SUPER!!!

Joel Mull
“Oh yeah!! Ray´s mix is sounding BIG!! Full support.”

Arjun Vagale (MakTub Music, India, Uruguay)
“Really super mix Ray, loving it :)”

Hallucin (Techstylism, Lithuania)
“it’s a bombe!”

Roberto Bosco (Figure SPC, Italy)
“Really Good!!”


Friday 2012, Jan 20th

... is what the New York City rooted Prince Of Dance had in mind while he was looking up into the sky. At least a dancefloor bangin techno mix by Ray Kajioka he saw coming.
Elbee Bad's original "In The Sky" came out on Yore Records during the summer 2010. Ray's monster-mix will appear on Elbee's "In The Sky - Original & Remixes" selection (VO9D) via Voodoo Tracks.


feedbacks so far:
Heiko Laux, (Kanzleramt)

Joel Mull (Hybrid, Drumcode, Sweden)
"Love it!!Perfect intro track for me this weekend.Super fat and pumping.Full support on the next Chart.Ray you are on fire!”

Claude Young (ART, Detroit)
"Ray Kajioka is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers. His music is always current and funky. This Remix is no exception! Freaking Awesome!!!!!!


DJ Pagalve (Shaded Music, Lithuania)
“great dj tool. definitely will play this! thanks”

Vasily Borisov (Magic B, Moscow)
“I love this drums!!:) Great remix,classy techno stuff.Thanks a lot!”

Alexander Kowalski (Damage Music, Berlin)
"Wow! What a killer beat! Pure Ray techno madness. Love it!"

Lyoma (abend kollektiv, Tokyo)
"diese fette groove ist just like a body blow!"

DJ Luke (Tresor, Rejected, Berlin)
"fett & funky. hab mich doch glatt erschrocken :-) krass laut”

Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records, Minneapolis)
“really great remix man! Look forward to playing it this weekend!”

Hallucin (Techstylism, Lithuania)
“Catched an ear from the first beats...BIG tune!”

Diego Hostettler (Kanzleramt, Treibstoff, Swiss)
“fett! werd ich spielen!"

Arjun Vagale (Maktub Music, New Delhi, India)
"really solid Ray !!! love it"



Friday 2011, Nov 25th

"THRILL" is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest music store for
DJs, now! www.beatport.com.

also, you can buy "Thrill" via:

_itunes >>
_finetunes >>
_juno >>

or, just make your order on the Kanzleramt webpage, instantly. >>

Vinyl copies will be available soon! stay tuned!!!


Fresh vinyl has arrived! "Sparks" 12"

Thurday 2011, Nov 12th



Feedbacks about "Thrill" so far... ...

Thurday 2011, Nov 3rd

massive support by Stephan Bodzin, Claude Young, Technasia, Estroe, Dustin Zahn, Joel Mull, Woody Mcbride etc etc...

check the full list here... Quotes about "Thrill" so far...


KA155 work in progress...

Tuesday 2011, Oct 1st

Thrill" is Ray's next follow up on Kanzleramt Music... check it out!!!



"Sparks" on the Top 10 DJ Charts

Thursday 2011, Oct 6th

charted by Shinedoe, Ben Sims, Joel Mull, Estroe, Martin Eyerer, etc.
here you can check the Top 10 Dj Charts about "Sparks" so far... click here

KA releases



Friday 2011, Sep 30th

"Sparks" is now available as online release via the Kanzleramt webpage and all major
portals. Vinyls will follow soon! Go to the webpage of Kanzleramt Music and get your
vinyl-copy save!

"Spark"- snippet of the upcoming 12" release "Sparks" (KA151) on Kanzleramt. Out: 2011 Sept, 30th
Ready for some Raylights?! ;) ...
Friday 2011, Jul 8th

Right to the summer flow Ray returns with a hot tune... "Rayo De Sol" is a part of
the Maktub Essentials Vol.2 compilation, released via the indian label MakTub Music,
and is now available to download as MP3, or WAV on Beatport.

Ray Kajioka - "Rayo De Sol" (Maktub Essentials Vol. 2) Maktub Music by RayKajioka

Stereo City Wintercamp 2011 - Soundtrack
Tuesday 2011, Feb 1st

The Stereo City Festival at Ferropolis in Germany comes up with a special Trailer
this time. Soundtrack by Ray Kajioka. Have a look...

more infos ... www.stereocity.de

"Pawas & Jalebee Cartel "Rapchik EP" on presale!!!
Monday 2010, Nov 15th

Pawas' upcoming 12" "Rapchick EP" incl Ray's bangin' remix is already on presale
at Decks Records... www.decksrecords.de



"Pfung It" Remixes upcoming...
Monday 2010, Sep 6th

New remixes for Pawas' "Pfung It" done and will be released on Ostwind Records

Stay tuned!!


"Romeo" remixed...
Friday 2010, March 19th

Ray did a massive remix for Pawas' "Romeo" which already got kool feedbacks
from big names like Dubfire, Steve Rachmad, Heiko Laux, Moodymanc,
Matthias Schaffhäuser, Gregor Tresher, Alex Flatner, Estroe... etc...

get a short teaser here right now..





also, follow ray at ... beatport 1532 FB Ray Kajioka RA soundcloud KA pages  
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available for DJ + Live shows, please contact:

1:35.2 Bookings

1:53.2 Bookings, Stockholm

fon: +46 70 494 7777
email: linda@1532.se
web: www.1532.se

press contact:



_Ray Kajioka - "Shaking Trees", Intacto Records, 2013 >>listen

_Ray Kajioka & Diego Hostettler - "Early Bird", 1:53.2 Records, 2013 >>listen

"Rotatory" - KA158, Kanzleramt Music, Berlin 2013 >>listen

"Thrill" - KA155, Kanzleramt Music, Berlin 2011 >>listen

_"Sparks" - KA151, Kanzleramt Music, Berlin 2011 >>listen

_"Shockbits" - KA144, Kanzleramt Music, Berlin 2008 >>listen

_"Simplify" - KA140, Kanzleramt Music, Ber lin 2008 >>listen

_"Let Things Slide" - KA126, Kanzleramt Music, Berlin 2006 >>listen

_"Bullet Train" - KA116, Kanzleramt Music, Berlin 2005 >>listen

_"Slow Rock" - KA109, Kanzleramt Music, Berlin 2004 >>listen

_"Subway" - ROT0341, Rotation Records, UK 2004 >>listen

_"Doramu Konpyuta" - Tele-05, Television Records, Cologne 2003 >>listen

_"Clubtimes" - 2037, Müller Records, Berlin 2002

_"Ichi-Ni-San-Shi" - 2030 Müller Records, Berlin 2000 >>listen



_"Wired Saturdays" - Shaded004, Shaded Music, Lithuania 2012 >>listen

_"Originsl" - MAK030, MakTub Music, India/Uruguay 2012 >>listen

_"Rayo De Sol" - MAKVA002, MakTub Music, India/Uruguay 2011 >>listen


ALocomatica - "Einsamkeit" (Ray Kajioka Remix) LCMTC Records, 2013 (out soon!)

AKane Roth - "Something Special" (Ray Kajioka Remix) Waveform, 2013

_Estroe - "Out Of My Comfortzonel" (Ray Kajioka Remix) EevoNext, 2013

ANick Bowman - "Cynical Mind" (Ray Kajioka Remix) !Organism, 2013

ATom Hades - "Horse" (Ray Kajioka's Wild Meat Mix) Girafe Sauvage, 2013 >>listen

AMattia Trani - "Vertical Function" (Ray Kajioka Remix) Mutex Recordings, 2013 >>listen

_Sub Dealers - "Junk DNS" (Ray Kajioka Substance Mix) Subdealers, 2012

ASecluded - "Impression" (Ray Kajioka Remix), Enemy Records, 2012 >>listen

AMoon Disco - "Xlix" (Ray Kajioka Remix), Shaded Music, 2012n>>listen
Kowalski - "
_Adi Dumitra - "Suspiciune" (Ray Kajioka Remix), Snejl Recordings, 2012 >>listen
Alexander Kowalski - "Crossing The Borderline"(Ray Kajioka Remix) >>listen
_DMB007, Damage Music Berlin 2012

Elbee Bad - "In The Sky"(Rays HeART Mix) digital only, Voodoo Tracks >>listen

_Pawas - "Pfung It"(Ray Kajioka DeepSpace 809 Mix), Ostwind Records 2010 >>listen

_Pawas - "Pfung It"(Ray Kajioka Remix) OW035 Ostwind Records 2010 >>listen

_Norbert Honkisch - "Rainfall Of Happiness" NH Records 2010 >>listen

_Pawas - "Romeo" (Ray Kajioka Remix)Maktub Music 2010 >>listen

_Dave Clarke - "Storm" (Ray Kajioka Remix) 2009 >>listen

_Joel Mull- "Reminder" (Rayconstructed) KA127, Kanzleramt Music 2006 >>listen

_Beroshima - "Stringmachine" (RK Rmx) 2034, Müller Records 2001


_VA Tech-Art, Vol. 2 - Artificial Tech House Beats, Budenzauber 2013
(CD, Mixed, Comp) - "Pawas - Pfung It (Ray Kajioka Remix)" Ostwind Records

_Sven Väth In The Mix - The Sound Of The 13th Season, Cocoon Recordings 2013
(CD, Mixed, Comp) - "Thrill" KA155 / Kanzleramt

_VA Underground Techno Fever 2012, Fever 2012
"Origins" (Fully Fledged Mix), MAK030, MakTub Music

_VA Underground Club Anthem 2012 Volume 3, Fever 2012
"Origins" (Jimmy Van M Remix), MAK030, MakTub Music

_VA Underground Club Anthem 2012 Volume 2, Fever 2012
"Origins" (On All Fours Mix), MAK030, MakTub Music

Oliver Lieb & Jimmy Van M - Collaborations, Bedrock Records 2012 (CD, Mixed, Comp)
_"Origins" (Jimmy Van M Remix), MAK030, MakTub Music

_MakTub Essentials Vol 2 "Rayo De Sol", MakTub Music, India/ Ururguay 2011

_Mi Mix mixed by Ian O'Brien (CD), Octave Lab 2008
_"Rise" KA140, Kanzleramt

_Ekspozicija 08 - Escapism Pt. 2 mixed by Ben Sims (CD) Explicit Musick 2008

_"Steam" KA126, Kanzleramt
_VA Kanzleramt Vol. 6 mixed by Heiko Laux (CD), Kanzleramt 2006
_"Heat", "Steam", "Fresh" KA126, Kanzleramt

_VA Kanzleramt Vol. 5 mixed by Heiko Laux (CD), Kanzleramt 2005
_"Balanced", "Unbalanced" KA109, "Ultraschall" KA116, Kanzleramt

_Chapter Four Compilation (CD), Müller Records 2002
_"Global Village", Müller2037, Müller Records

_Food Main Course (2xCD), Antler-Subway 2002
_"Global Village", Müller2037, Müller Records

_MoRe! Müller More! - mixed by DJ Tasaka (CD), Müller Records 2001
"Electric Smithy", Müller2030, Müller Records



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Live & DJ Sets

Ray Kajioka Live @ Suicide Circus, Berlin 2012-10-05

Ray Kajioka Live @ Summerburst Festival, Stockholm 2012-06-16

DJ Set @ The Future Underground Show, London 2012-08-20

DFM Podcast - Ray Kajioka DJ Set

Live @ Techstylism 10, Lithuania, Vilnius Loftas

_Ray Kajioka - DJ Set for Waveforms Podcast, Croatia


Live @ Stereo City Festival 2010

Ray Kajioka - Live Set - Stereo City Festival - Mainstage - Day 1 @ Ferropolis (Gräfenhainichen,DE)

listen now by clicking the play.fm logo below...